Process Operations / Laboratory / Maintenance Technicians

Tests designed to measure a person’s mechanical aptitude and spacial recognition.
To prepare for these tests, we suggest studying the following two books which can be found at a local college library, bookstore or online:



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​​Preparing for Industry Assessments
You will be required to pass a battery of industry/client specific testing

to be considered for a position in operations. 

Mechanical Aptitude, Math Skills, Reading Comprehension & Spacial Recognition 

​Reading Comprehension & Industry Math

These tests are based on an 8th grade to college freshman reading & math skills level.

Reading Comprehension Test Measures Long-Term / Short-Term Comprehension & Vocabulary

We suggest reading news paper and magazine articles daily; choose articles that cover topics that are not of interest to you.  
Quiz yourself on what you have read by asking yourself general questions about the story, for example:
What was the main idea of the story?      Was there a cause and effect?      Where did the story take place? 

Mechanical Aptitude & spacial recognition


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